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Stay in the same geographical area and hit as many of your errands in that area as possible to avoid excessive driving. 60. Sell your Stuff Go through your house and pull together all the items you no longer use. These can include small or large appliances, gardening tools, clothing, makeup, and sporting equipment, whatever you have, and then list them on eBay Take the money earned from these sales and put it in your savings account not to be touched. 36 101 Ways To Stop The Money Leak 61. Turn your Hobby into Money Everyone has a skill – find yours and turn it into money.

Second, stay away from all the fun bells and whistles and just stick with the basic plan. Some people have turned to shutting down their home telephone and are now using their mobile phones in place. Since most wireless carriers offer free long-distance, call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail, and more, it can do the same as a regular phone but for less. Why have two phones when you can have just one? Most people stick with their current telephone carrier despite the fact they cost much more then some of the alternatives.

00 per day that is a success. If you wanted to buy a new dress but held off until it went on sale, saving 50%, that is another success. Saving money requires some investigative skills, desire, determination, and creativity. Once you get in the habit of saving money, you will feel better about yourself and enjoy life much more without debt hanging over your head! Hopefully these tips will help you plug some of those big money leaks and I’m sure just by thinking about it you will think of many more ways to save money in your own life.

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