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A part of a chain of pocket courses geared toward permitting the reader to benefit a brand new ability in precisely half-hour, this article provides a pragmatic advisor to the ins-and-outs of discovering, getting ready and writing a advertising and marketing plan.

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Sales promotion Under this heading you should detail your advertising and promotions plan. This includes your personnel requirements as well as the costs of advertising and sales promotion. Define the mix of distribution channels that you will be using and the structure of your sales organisation, including any changes that you intend to make as part of your plan. Include a list of existing and additional sales personnel as well as an organisation chart for the sales department. The charts can be in an appendix to the main plan.

8: The effect on the profit and loss account of the additional operating expenses for implementing a marketing plan 45 5 WRITING THE PLAN The written plan should be clear and concise, and excessive or irrelevant detail excluded. The bulk of the internal and external market research information collected during the preparation process should not be included in the written plan, since this would only confuse the reader. Detail of all the individual action plans should also be excluded from the main document, although a summary of very important action plans may be included.

The budgeted extra costs will have an effect on the company profit and loss account. The additional sales projected by the plan and the extra costs involved must be presented in the written plan in a way that shows the extra contribution that the plan will make to company profits. 8. 6 (overleaf). 6: Example of a profit and loss account. Controls and update procedures It is important to have a suitable monitoring and control system to measure performance in achieving the objectives of the marketing plan and to recommend corrective action where necessary.

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