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By John J. Nitti, Michael J. Ferreira

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Here is a perfect complement to school room textbooks for college kids studying Portuguese. the main frequently-used Portuguese verbs are awarded alphabetically in desk shape, one verb in keeping with web page. every one verb is totally conjugated in all tenses with English translations. a brand new index during this variation lists an extra 1,000 verbs with English translations, cross-referenced to verbs which are equally conjugated frequently textual content. Language scholars will locate extra fabric protecting idiomatic verb utilization, grammatical building, and extra.

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As crianças adormeceram antes do jantar. The children fell asleep before dinner. Ele sempre adormece durante discursos. He always falls asleep during speeches. Ela tinha adormecido no autocarro (ônibus in Brazil). She had fallen asleep on the bus. *NOTE: Only the radical-changing verb forms with open stressed vowels appear in italic type. For further explanation see Foreword. 28 PortVrbs_pt01 2/23/05 10:09 AM Page 29 adquirir Pres. Part. adquirindo Past Part. adquirido to acquire, obtain, procure Personal Infinitive adquirir adquirires adquirir adquirirmos adquirirdes adquirirem Present Subjunctive adquira adquiras adquira Present Indicative adquiro adquires adquire adquirimos adquiris adquirem Imperfect Subjunctive adquirisse adquiríssemos adquirisses adquirísseis adquirisse adquirissem Imperfect Indicative adquiria adquirias adquiria adquiríamos adquiríeis adquiriam Future Subjunctive adquirir adquirires adquirir Preterit Indicative adquiri adquiriste adquiriu adquirimos adquiristes adquiriram Present Perfect Subjunctive tenha adquirido tenhamos adquirido tenhas adquirido tenhais adquirido tenha adquirido tenham adquirido adquiramos adquirais adquiram adquirirmos adquirirdes adquirirem Simple Pluperfect Indicative adquirira adquiríramos adquiriras adquiríreis adquirira adquiriram Past Perfect or Pluperfect Subjunctive tivesse adquirido tivéssemos adquirido tivesses adquirido tivésseis adquirido tivesse adquirido tivessem adquirido Future Indicative adquirirei adquirirás adquirirá Future Perfect Subjunctive tiver adquirido tivermos adquirido tiveres adquirido tiverdes adquirido tiver adquirido tiverem adquirido adquiriremos adquirireis adquirirão Present Perfect Indicative tenho adquirido temos adquirido tens adquirido tendes adquirido tem adquirido têm adquirido Conditional adquiriria adquiririas adquiriria adquiriríamos adquiriríeis adquiririam Past Perfect or Pluperfect Indicative tinha adquirido tínhamos adquirido tinhas adquirido tínheis adquirido tinha adquirido tinham adquirido Conditional Perfect teria adquirido terias adquirido teria adquirido teríamos adquirido teríeis adquirido teriam adquirido Future Perfect Subjunctive terei adquirido teremos adquirido terás adquirido tereis adquirido terá adquirido terão adquirido Imperative adquire–adquiri Samples of verb usage.

We will put you up at our house. A mãe acomoda o filho no colo. The mother comforts (soothes) her son in her lap. Eu tentarei acomodar os seus estranhos hábitos de trabalho. I will attempt to accommodate your strange working habits. *NOTE: Only the radical-changing verb forms with open stressed vowels appear in italic type. For further explanation see Foreword. 14 PortVrbs_pt01 2/23/05 10:09 AM Page 15 Pres. Part. acompanhando Past Part. acompanhado acompanhar to accompany; to follow (along) Personal Infinitive acompanhar acompanhares acompanhar acompanharmos acompanhardes acompanharem Present Subjunctive acompanhe acompanhes acompanhe Present Indicative acompanho acompanhas acompanha acompanhamos acompanhais acompanham Imperfect Subjunctive acompanhasse acompanhássemos acompanhasses acompanhásseis acompanhasse acompanhassem Imperfect Indicative acompanhava acompanhavas acompanhava acompanhávamos acompanháveis acompanhavam Future Subjunctive acompanhar acompanhares acompanhar Preterit Indicative acompanhei acompanhaste acompanhou acompanhámos acompanhastes acompanharam Present Perfect Subjunctive tenha acompanhado tenhamos acompanhado tenhas acompanhado tenhais acompanhado tenha acompanhado tenham acompanhado acompanhemos acompanheis acompanhem acompanharmos acompanhardes acompanharem Simple Pluperfect Indicative acompanhara acompanháramos acompanharas acompanháreis acompanhara acompanharam Past Perfect or Pluperfect Subjunctive tivesse acompanhado tivéssemos acompanhado tivesses acompanhado tivésseis acompanhado tivesse acompanhado tivessem acompanhado Future Indicative acompanharei acompanharás acompanhará Future Perfect Subjunctive tiver acompanhado tivermos acompanhado tiveres acompanhado tiverdes acompanhado tiver acompanhado tiverem acompanhado acompanharemos acompanhareis acompanharão Present Perfect Indicative tenho acompanhado temos acompanhado tens acompanhado tendes acompanhado tem acompanhado têm acompanhado Conditional acompanharia acompanharias acompanharia acompanharíamos acompanharíeis acompanhariam Past Perfect or Pluperfect Indicative tinha acompanhado tínhamos acompanhado tinhas acompanhado tínheis acompanhado tinha acompanhado tinham acompanhado Conditional Perfect teria acompanhado terias acompanhado teria acompanhado teríamos acompanhado teríeis acompanhado teriam acompanhado Future Perfect Indicative terei acompanhado teremos acompanhado terás acompanhado tereis acompanhado terá acompanhado terão acompanhado Imperative acompanha–acompanhai Samples of verb usage.

The light was on when I arrived. Se eu acendesse um fósforo, haveria uma explosão. If I lit a match, there would be an explosion. Se ele tivesse acendido a luz, a situação teria sido diferente. If he had turned on the light, the situation would have been different. 12 PortVrbs_pt01 2/23/05 10:09 AM Page 13 achar Pres. Part. achando Past Part. achado to find; achar que: to believe, think (as to have an opinion) Personal Infinitive achar achares achar acharmos achardes acharem Present Subjunctive ache aches ache Present Indicative acho achas acha achamos achais acham Imperfect Subjunctive achasse achássemos achasses achásseis achasse achassem Imperfect Indicative achava achavas achava achávamos acháveis achavam Future Subjunctive achar achares achar Preterit Indicative achei achaste achou achámos achastes acharam Present Perfect Subjunctive tenha achado tenhamos achado tenhas achado tenhais achado tenha achado tenham achado achemos acheis achem acharmos achardes acharem Simple Pluperfect Indicative achara acháramos acharas acháreis achara acharam Past Perfect or Pluperfect Subjunctive tivesse achado tivéssemos achado tivesses achado tivésseis achado tivesse achado tivessem achado Future Indicative acharei acharás achará Future Perfect Subjunctive tiver achado tivermos achado tiveres achado tiverdes achado tiver achado tiverem achado acharemos achareis acharão Present Perfect Indicative tenho achado temos achado tens achado tendes achado tem achado têm achado Conditional acharia acharias acharia acharíamos acharíeis achariam Past Perfect or Pluperfect Indicative tinha achado tínhamos achado tinhas achado tínheis achado tinha achado tinham achado Conditional Perfect teria achado terias achado teria achado teríamos achado teríeis achado teriam achado Future Perfect Indicative terei achado teremos achado terás achado tereis achado terá achado terão achado Imperative acha–achai Samples of verb usage.

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