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By Sydney Finkelstein

Talented leaders may be introduced low through their good fortune while self-confidence slides into over-confidence and sturdy press ends up in prideful considering. Obstinancy, fanaticism, and emotions of invincibility can push a reliable chief right into a hubristic fog. during this short-form booklet, Dartmouth's Sydney Finkelstein, who has studied undesirable judgements and company disasters for greater than fifteen years, tells find out how to stay away from the seven undesirable behavior of unsuccessful humans.

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It’s My Way or No Way Effective leaders need support, and they prize loyalty. Success depends on your ability to inspire people to get behind your strategies. This talent becomes a fault when you equate dissent with disloyalty and begin firing or disregarding the opinions of anyone who disputes your decisions or suggests that trouble might be brewing. It’s surprising how many times people come up to me after hearing me describe the seventh bad habit. Invariably, they say they know exactly what I’m talking about, because it’s happening in their companies.

Rubbermaid beat out the likes of GE, Microsoft, and McKinsey largely on the strength of its reputation as an incredible engine of innovation. On average, Fortune reported, Rubbermaid introduced one new product every day. Then Schmitt took control. It didn’t take long for his name to trigger snickers from his management team. Wolfgang, they joked, knows everything about everything. Schmitt’s performance at one all-day conference at an airport hotel says it all. Senior Rubbermaid executives had come from all over the country to discuss an important decision regarding a complex acquisition.

Events would soon prove that many of his answers were deficient. Even if Schmitt’s solution had been right, his behavior would have had the same devastating effect on his team. How did the people who had spent all day discussing a complex set of problems feel about him and his utter disregard for them? In such an atmosphere, any talented executive who wants to make a difference is soon going to find a more fulfilling job. During Schmitt’s tenure, Rubbermaid’s growth slowed and its margins began eroding.

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