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By R. M. W. Dixon

The folk who stay within the Boumaa area of the Fijian island of Taveuni communicate a dialect of Fijian that's at the same time intelligible with ordinary Fijian, the 2 differing as a lot possibly as do the yankee and British kinds of English. in the course of 1985, R. M. W. Dixon—one of the main insightful of linguists engaged in descriptive reviews today—lived within the village of Waitabu and studied the language spoken there. He present in Boumaa Fijian a wealth of awesome positive aspects unknown in typically studied languages and at the foundation of his fieldwork ready this grammar.Fijian is an agglutinating language, one during which phrases are shaped through the profligate combining of morphemes. There are not any case inflections, and stressful and element as proven via self sustaining clitics or phrases inside a predicate advanced. such a lot verbs are available either transitive and intransitive types, and nouns could be building up frequently from verbal components and verbs from nouns. The language can be marked by means of a hugely constructed pronoun approach and by means of a vocabulary wealthy in components of social significance.In the hole chapters, Dixon describes the Islands' political, social, and linguistic association, outlines the details of Fijian phonology, and provides an summary of the grammar. In succeeding chapters, he examines a few grammatical issues in larger element, together with clause and word constitution, verbal syntax, deictics, and anaphora. the quantity additionally contains a complete vocabulary of all types taken care of in dialogue and 3 of the fifteen texts recorded from monolingual village elders on which the grammar relies.

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