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By L. Richardson Jr.

The 1st such dictionary when you consider that that of Platner and Ashby in 1929, a brand new Topographical Dictionary of historical Rome defines and describes the recognized constructions and monuments, in addition to the geographical and topographical good points, of historical Rome. It presents a concise historical past of every, with measurements, dates, and citations of vital historic and sleek assets.

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It probably stood east of Via Lata near the south end of Piazza SS. Apostoli. Anaglypha Traiani: see Plutei Traiani. Anio N ovus: the highest of all the aqueducts of Rome, begun in a . d . 1 2 5 6 = IL S 218). The water was originally taken directly from the Anio River at the fortysecond milestone of the Via Sublacensis (Frontinus, Aq. 15), so it was apt to be cloudy in winter and even after summer showers. Trajan therefore ordered extension to a lake above N ero’s Villa Sublacensis Frontinus, A q.

Abr. 22 6 8 ). It was damaged in the earthquakes of 442 (Paul. , Hist. R om . 3 2 0 9 2 , 3 2 1 8 8 -8 9 ). 3 2 0 9 4 = IL S 5 6 3 5 ), for the venationes still being held there in 523 (Cassiodorus, Var. 42). 26). The destruction of the amphitheater seems to have begun with the earthquake during the time of Pope Leo IV (ca. 847). Its ruins were apparently then used as a shelter for a considerable community and plun­ dered for building material. By the fourteenth cen­ tury it had been reduced to more or less the state in which we see the exterior today; van Heemskerck’s drawings (1: fol.

C . (Frontinus, A q. C . (Frontinus, A q. 9), and by Au­ gustus in 1 1 -4 b . c . (Frontinus, A q. 1 2 5 ). 1 2 4 3 , cf. 4 0 7 9 , 4 0 8 0 , 4 0 8 3 , 40 8 4 ). A branch of the Anio Vetus, the Specus Octavianus, inside the second milestone from the city, took part of its water to the Horti Asiniani, near the Via Nova (Frontinus, A q. 21), but the location of this property is quite uncertain. Frontinus, A q. 6 6 , 67, 80, 9 0 - 9 2 , 125; Van Deman 2 9 —6 6 ; Ashby 1935, 5 4 - 8 7 ; Pace 1 2 1 -2 4 .

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