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A Promise Given The proud head of his Highland extended family, Ian MacGregor has back, cloaked in secrets and techniques, to where the place he spent many carefree years, in an effort to marry Margaret Kincaid--the lowlands lass to whom he has been betrothed for the reason that his early life. however it is the wild lively and hauntingly appealing Sabrina Kincaid who catches Ian's eye. And while Margaret mysteriously vanishes, he willingly accepts Sabrina as his bride in her sister's stead. A Promise stored Dutybound to honor her father's want, Sabrina reluctantly consents to wed the rugged chieftain--though she fears the rumors of Ian's darkish prior. . .and the whispers that now blame him for Margaret's disappearance. yet her sensuous soul bids her to pay no heed to her doubts and distrust, and to put up as a substitute to the searing passions that burn inside of her. For Ian's stirring but soft caress speaks of a noble, mild center. And if peril is Sabrina's destiny, so be it--for she is set to benefit the truths that would set them either unfastened and hold them aloft jointly at the wings of incomparable love.

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But was it wrong? She and Jamie would someday be husband and wife…. “I—I don’t know,” she stammered. Gathering herself well in hand, she summoned a smile. “’Tis just me, Margaret, being silly and fanciful again. ” Margaret cast her a glance that proclaimed she’d surely lost her mind—and mayhap she had. But already Margaret was gliding toward the door. “Good night, Sabrina,” was all she said. ” It was a long, long time before Sabrina slipped into the arms of slumber. Before she did, she prayed she might dream of her beloved…of Jamie.

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And indeed, he’d bedded women just as comely! As for Sabrina, she was polite but distant when they chanced to meet. Ian was faintly puzzled. He could A Promise Given / 47 have sworn she was angry with him, yet he could think of no reason why it should be so. Little had changed since they were children. Margaret, for the most part, kept to herself except at mealtimes. More than once, Ian found himself irritated with Duncan, for Duncan still took little notice of his youngest daughter—except when he called upon her to complete some such task, which was rather often.

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