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By Sujin Boriharnwanaket

A Survey of Paramattha Dhammas is a advisor to the advance of the Buddha's course of knowledge, protecting all points of human existence and human behaviour, reliable and undesirable. This research explains that correct realizing is critical for psychological improvement, the improvement of calm in addition to the improvement of perception the writer describes intimately all psychological phenomena (citta and cetasika), and actual phenomena (rupa) and explains the techniques of psychological phenomena that event gadgets in the course of the sense-doors and the mind-door. The final chapters are within the type of questions and solutions and care for the difficulties one may well face within the improvement of perception. For precision many Pali phrases are used yet however the publication will be liked by way of either newbies and in addition to those that have extra historical past wisdom.

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In this way paññå can develop and eliminate the wrong view that takes all realities for self. This should be the aim of our study of the Dhamma. ******** Questions 1. What is life-continuum, bhavanga-citta? 2. When is there citta that is called “that which is pure” (paùèara)? And why is it so called? 3. For the arising of which realities can citta and cetasika be a condition? 4. For the arising of which realities can rúpa be a condition? 5. How many stages of enlightenment, that is, of realizing the noble Truths, are there?

Citta and cetasikas that arise together fall away together. They experience the same object and they arise and fall away at the same physical base. Each citta that arises is conditioned by different cetasikas that accompany it, each citta performs a different function and thus, there is a great diversity of types of cittas. We do not like it when the citta is annoyed, disturbed, restless, sad or anxious. We like it when the citta is happy, when it is full of joy and when it is infatuated with pleasant objects.

This citta keeps one alive, it maintains the continuity in one’s life as this particular person. Bhavanga-cittas are arising and falling away until there is another type of citta arising that experiences an object through the eyes, the ears, the nose, the tongue, the body-sense or the mind-door. The bhavanga-cittas arise in between the processes of cittas that experience objects through the six doors 5 and this goes on continuously until the end of one’s lifespan as this particular person. ” The citta is pure only at the moment it does not experience an object through the doors of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body-sense or mind.

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