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By Herbert E. Spiegel (ed.)

The sphere of medical chemistry now encompasses elements of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, scientific laboratory technological know-how, toxicology, immunology and molecular biology. This serial offers a extra complete international view of the present and destiny instructions of this increasing self-discipline. This quantity provides topical papers realted in general to the kidney, melanoma and functions of the polymerase chain response.

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Serum samples were taken within 1 week before surgery or radiation therapy from 119 patients with pelvic masses and gynecological malignancies, 36 NAOYUKI TANIGUCHI which included 21 benign masses, 2 borderline epithelial ovarian tumors, and 33 ovarian carcinomas, and from 63 patients with other gynecological tumors. Fresh blood (1 ml) was collected by venipuncture; samples were randomly numbered and immediately sent to the laboratory for these studies. Clinical diagnoses were not known prior to assay, and patients’ diagnoses were not matched with test code numbers until the assay was complete.

NF-kB can be activated by releasing inhibitory protein IkB after protein kinase C-dependent phosphorylation. This activated NF-kB may enhance Mn-SOD gene expression like other TNF-responsive genes. 5 f. 0 f. 1 "Total RNA was prepared from various cells treated with 10 n d m l TPA, 100 ng/ml TNF, 1000 units/ml IL-1, or 10 pdml LPS for 4 hrs. The amount of Mn-SOD mRNA was evaluated by scanning X-ray film exposed to Northern blot membrane filters. The mRNA levels relative to the control are presented as the means f SD for three experiments.

Therefore, in this cell line it seems a different mechanism may control Mn-SOD expression. 3. The Mechanism of Mn-SOD Induction by TNF or TPA Although several stimulators such as TNF, IL-1, and LPS have been reported to enhance Mn-SOD expression in some cell lines, the pathway that transduces a signal from corresponding receptors to Mn-SOD gene is not clearly understood. Recently, we showed that TPA also induces Mn-SOD in various cell lines which are all resistant to TNF (Table 9). This gives us clue to investigate the intracellular signal transduction pathway.

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