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E. not necessarily, and certainly only exceptionally, a survival of the best. Think for instance of Heraclitus, Democritus, and Chrysippus. The challenge for the scholar is to ferret out, as best as he possibly can, the missing links in the genealogical chains, and to attempt to reach out to the lost ancestry, not necessarily the individual ancestors—but yes, whenever possible the (various) ancestors—of (parts, or paragraphs of) later works that are still extant. It is only in this way that a critical edition can be furnished with a responsible apparatus fontium and a separate apparatus parallelorum, or that a reliable collection of the testimonia and verbatim fragments of lost authors can be made.

Koerner, ‘On Schleicher and trees’, in: Hoenigswald–Wiener , –. B. Krische, Forschungen auf dem Gebiete der alten Philosophie, I: Die theologischen Lehren der griechischen Denker. Eine Prüfung der Darstellung Cicero’s, Göttingen . Lachenaud  = G. , Opinions des Philosophes, Collection Budé, Paris . Lachmann  = K. Lachmann, Ueber die ursprüngliche Gestalt des Gedichts von der Nibelungen Noth, Berlin ; repr. in: K. ), K. Lachmann, Kleinere Schriften, I, Kleinere Schriften zur deutschen Philologie, –, Berlin ; repr.

Schäfer , –. 68 Cf. Jaeger ,  n. . 69 Boyancé ; Harder . M. g. in his  paper). 70 Note the perceptive remarks of Dyck , –. 71 Of course it is: here we do have an equally complicated extant text (though there are important gaps in the papyrus) which corresponds as to the details. e. in parallel columns, and he was not the first scholar to detect the undeniable correspondences. The fact that, where Cicero is concerned, QF is hopeless in most cases does not entail that it is so in all cases.

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