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He looked back to find her watching him. Her full lips curved slightly and she nodded once before she closed her eyes again. When the song ended, replaced by a romantic ballad, she started off the dance floor. Chris figured she didn’t want to be adrift in a sea of couples. He was debating whether to offer her a drink when she came directly toward him. She looked up at him, her gaze roaming over his face, a slight flush coloring her cheeks. He got the strangest feeling she was challenging him to be worthy of her attention.

We came here to have a few drinks and meet some new people. The idea isn’t to have sex, ask for a date or even get a phone number. ” He tried to remember the last time he’d gone out for something other than work. Whether it was with a friend or a client, he seemed to spend more time giving advice than making use of it. Rachel had labeled him as only good for sex, but he hadn’t been with a woman in months. Grant’s head swung around to ogle a young woman walking out of the elevator. ” “Yes and unfortunately she saw you, too.

Wiggled her brows suggestively. Rei responded with a tiny twinge of interest. ” Lately there’d been an almost constant tension inside her, a restless frustration that she couldn’t meditate away. Like her body was too small for the spirit within. “We are overdue for a night on the town, but I’m not sure a nightclub is such a good idea. J. crossed her arms beneath her ample bust, straining the limits of her bra top. ” That sounded so tempting. It wasn’t as if she were a nun or anything. However Rei was never anything but responsible—to her family, to her kids at court and to herself.

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