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He tore her skirt down one seam and tossed it too, enjoying a thorough perusal of her exquisite form. Serena had magnificent full breasts rising from her halfcup bra, which left her pink nipples just barely exposed. Her pussy was covered with a golden down and she wore a garter belt, sheer black stockings and black stiletto heels. She was sex on wheels. He could definitely work with this wardrobe. He swept his desk clear with his arm and picked her up before she could start to fight, and then he laid her down on the desk.

She slowly opened her eyes, feeling disoriented. She was sore in places she hadn’t been in a very long time. Just then, a soft snore buzzed past her ear. She realized there was a half-hard cock nestled in her very damp cunt and a large male hand was holding her breast as if it were a life preserver and they were on the Titanic. The male clinging to her so possessively sighed in his sleep. She slowly turned her head. She knew that face. Shit. “Damien… ” She breathed. Oh God. What had she done? He nuzzled into the curve of her shoulder with a half smile on his face.

Chapter Five When she got her hands on him, she was going to kill him. How dare that bastard taunt and tease her like this? She was on the edge of an orgasm even more intense than the ones in the elevator, but he wasn’t giving her enough to get there. Serena lifted her hips to try to get closer, but every time she rose up, he pulled away. If she stayed still, he petted her, but not enough to get off. She watched him lean forward and wet his lips. Serena moaned and closed her eyes. Oh God, what she’d give to have that tongue on her.

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